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Re: [cdt-dev] Proposal - abolish cdt-patch

Douglas Schaefer <dschaefe@xxxxxxxxxx> said:

> That should grab your attention. 
> One thing I notice the Eclipse platform folks doing is using bugzilla
> for submitting, holding discussions, and managing patches. The problem I
> see with our cdt-patch list, especially after a week when a lot of
> committers were away, is loosing track of which patches have been
> applied and ownership on who is going to apply them. Using bugzilla will
> give patches an owner and a status and reduce our dependency on all of
> the committers' mail system to ensure patches get appropriate attention.
> Along with this proposal would be a continuation of the proposal to
> institute an inbox mailing list as the default owners on new bugs. The
> idea would be that all committers would be members of the inbox list so
> they can see when new bugs get raised and patch requests come in. 


I like the idea of having the discussions go on via bugzilla rather than
in the patch list ... but unfortunately for submitting patches I have 
never been able to attach a patch to bugzilla, and I worry about patches
being "buried" and getting lost until someone goes and gets into their
bugzilla bugs.  With the exception of the occasional burst of activity,
I don't find that the cdt-patch list is terribly full of traffic.


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