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Re: [cdt-dev] CDT needs more user feedback =;-)

John Camelon <jcamelon@xxxxxxxxxx> said:

> As a rule, we should be designing our work so that they can be moved to 
> background processing available in Eclipse 3.0.  The cancel/info aspect 
> would be handled by that. Even the outline view could benefit from this 
> type of refactoring (we've had problems loading files > 2 MB in the
> editor due to it).

Absolutely ... of course I'm still in the mindset of working to make
CDT 1.2.x more acceptable for customers on our end with some minor
adjustments and tweaking.  The heavy lifting I leave for 2.0 =;-)
> One thing to point out though ... I haven't seen the new 
> performance/scalability numbers that the platform uses to test their
> work in 3.0 (and I cannot find the old numbers, the project 
> group cleaned up their webpage :)) but I do believe the example 
> you had last brought up yesterday was beyond the numbers (which 
> I believe was < 27000 resources). 
> While I think that we should address the high-runner culprits in the 2.0
> timeframe, I would hope that we manage expectations appropriately. 

Of course ... and none of my comments should be taken as a "slam" against
any of the awesome work that has been done thus far.  In fact, just for
comparison with CDT 1.0 it would take well over 30 minutes to just import
this size project and it was essentially un-usable after it was imported.

And just for kicks, running the Visual Slick Edit tagging operation,
roughly equivalent to the indexing operation, side by side with the 
CDT 1.2 indexing operation takes only a few minutes longer in Eclipse.

You guys have done a great job!
> p.s. it's day 2 here in Anaheim and the Disney music in the hotel is 
> driving me insane.  I cahllenge anyone to try get some work done in the 
> hotel internet cafe with Bibbity Bobbity Boo playing in the background

It could be worse ... it could be a small world!


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