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RE: [cdt-dev] Toolchains in CDT [TS-0062-1]

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I'll say up front, I'm not asking this to be applied, but people wanted details on my suggested approach for toolchain support and this seemed the easiest way.
OK, here's my rough proof-of-concept for the toolchain support.  It doesn't currently have any UI with it, I'm just editing the .cdtproject file to add the toolchain.  Also, right now only a single toolchain can be added at the project level.  However I think we should support
the possibility of multiple toolchains for a project.  In the case of managed build, I would think one per configuration might be the right granularity.  The "core" of the toolchain stuff I put in a new plugin for now (org.eclipse.cdt.toolchains).  It's contained in the attached zip file.  However, it's not very many classes, and probably should be integrated into org.eclipse.cdt.core plugin before I submit it.  For any new classes right now the copyright statements are also wrong.  I'll change it to a CPL copyright before submitting a real patch.
The toolchain "core" is designed to be very extensible.  Each cdt subsystem that wants to interact with a toolchain (managed build, debugging, binary parsing, etc.) can write its own capability interface.  For an example, I expect that the debugging capability will look alot like the IDebugger interface and binary parsing like the IBinaryParser interface.
I also expect that that CDT will have a default toolchain factory extension that allows a user to register a gnu-based cross toolchain manually (using a UI of some sort).  Toolchain factories for other toolchain types (Intel?, Microsoft?) could also be added to the core.  Also vendors can add custom toolchain factories to automatically discover their own toolchains.  For example, our CDT product will most like include a toolchain factory that discovers timesys toolchains automatically.
For this prototype I created a Managed Build Capability.  Essentially this capability allows the toolchain to insert its own tool implementations in for the ones the managed build expects.  I had to perform a minor refactoring to get this working which is why the patch is so big.  I renamed org.eclipse.cdt.managedbuild.internal.ToolReference -> ConfigToolReference and added a new abstract class org.eclipse.cdt.managedbuild.core.ToolReference.  The abstract class just represents any class that wants to override tool behavior.  ConfigToolReference extends ToolReference and specifically overrides the options.  Before both these concepts were in the same class.  I had to do this because the Itool instance returned from the ManagedBuildToolchainCapability needed to be a tool reference, but extending directly from the existing ToolReference class was causing problems.  You should diff org.eclipse.cdt.managedbuild.internal.ToolReference from cvs against my new ConfigToolReference if you want to see what exactly I changed in that class.
I also created a simple "test" toolchain factory, so that I could see it in action.  It reads a properties file and appends a prefix on the front of every toolchain.  This is just temporary until I make a "real" implementation. If you want to see it in action, add:
    <item id="org.eclipse.cdt.toolchain"
To your .cdtproject file.  You'll have to restart Eclipse to get it to properly re-read the file.  Hope this is what people are looking for.
  Jeremiah Lott
  TimeSys Corporation
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Sounds like a great idea. I'd like to see more details on how it would work and what impact it would have on current components and workflows. In particular, can it handle multi-target projects, i.e. multiple toolchains for a given project. Also, we want to make sure we don't get too gnu specific and maintain flexibility to work in different types of environments.

Doug Schaefer, Senior Software Developer
IBM Rational Software, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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[cdt-dev] Toolchains in CDT

Hey CDT folks.  TimeSys is looking at moving our product line over to
CDT 2.0.  One of the things we have in our CDT-based product that is not
in core CDT is the concept of "toolchain".  We would like to have this
concept added to CDT 2.0 (assuming the group agrees).  Right now we
essentially use toolchains in three places.  Our managed build allows
you to choose a toolchain to indicate what cross-compiler to use.  Our
debug panels allow you to choose a toolchain indicating what gdb
executable to run.  The binary parser uses the toolchain to figure out
what executables to use for addr2line, c++filt, objdump, etc.  In each
of these cases the user can choose toolchain from a drop-down list that
contains applicable toolchain installed on the machine.  The contents of
the list could be statically defined by the user or dynamically
discovered.  A "ToolchainFactory" extension point would be added so that
vendors could add plugins to do dynamic discovery for their own

Do people think this would make a good addition to CDT?  The idea would
be to make it more generic than just the three areas I mentioned above.
A toolchain could indicate what operations it supports so that an area
of CDT can easily search for toolchains appropriate to a particular
operation (and let the user choose from that filtered list).  I've
actually been working on a proof-of-concept with the CDT managed build
system if people are interested in seeing it.  Thanks,

 Jeremiah Lott
 TimeSys Corporation
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