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Re: [cdt-dev] Interesting "starter" work project

> > 
> >   I started to get back to cleaning up the CView a bit today, and I think
> > that for anyone
> > who is lurking out there and wanting to get involved, a great project would
> > be to clean
> > up the CView so that it implements the IResourceNavigator interface, likely
> > by inheriting
> > from the ResourceNavigator class.  It is probably a good couple of evenings
> > work if
> > anyone is interested.
> > 
> Except at the moment it isn't that easy. ;(  Part of the Eclipse 3.0 work
> is to make the ResourceNavigator class extendable and usefull.   At the 2.1.x
> level, things are still doing all of thier work by hand (ie: Package Explorer).
> I tried doing a ResourceNavigator extension and it was far too restrictive.
> So, it might not be worth doing a total re-work prior to the 3.0 
> ResourceNavigator improvements.
> Just an FYI...

Agreed.  I'm looking forward to see this, hopefully that will put things like 
the on diet.  But as explain in another email, the viewer works
also on ICElement not only IResource, for example part of the elements in the
CView are children of ITranslationUnit(IInclude, IVariable, etc ...), IBinary
You can not use the ResourceCopy or ResourcePaste on those elements.

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