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[cdt-dev] Code Completion Proposal

Hello All

Attached is a proposal for implementing Code Completion in CDT. As Doug indicated before, we have two phases in mind to enhance code completion. This document is mostly concerned with the second phase only. All comments are appreciated.

For the first phase, I still have to work with Bogdan and see what are the capabilities of the new indexer and how we could make the most of it to enhance Code Completion for this release. Thanks Thomas for your comments below.  We will put it into consideration. What we are sure of is that Code Completion will not be broken due to the retirement of the old indexer. We will certainly try our best to add to its existing functionality.

Hoda Amer
Staff Software Engineer
Rational Software - IBM Software Group

"Thomas Fletcher" <thomasf@xxxxxxx>
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07/22/2003 08:21 PM
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So having worked on some very small pieces of the code completion which is
in there
today I have these comments:

- We need to make sure that we continue to support the contributed function
  extention point (in some manner, not necessarily as is).
  - The current contributed extention point needs to have a mechanism by
     users can "toggle" which sets of information they want contributed for
a given
     project (currently missing, but will be needed when RH finishes their

- It would be great if the clean up allowed multiple completion models to be
 (ie not just functions, but macros, preprocessors, types etc) easily.
 Currently however, there is no "clean" way to implement
 completion even though it should be dead easy (and something I want to add
 1.2).  This might involve a modification of the current extention point
where if the
 "context" can be determined (out of scope, in a class/structure, in a
method/function etc)
 this information gets passed along.

- Being able to build up the associated "live help" based on source code
comments is
  really valuable.  I haven't looked clearly at how the JavaDoc/Java world
works this
  one, but I think that they actually have two totally different context

If you guys are having discussions about this, I'm keen to listen in and get


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From: "Douglas Schaefer" <dschaefe@xxxxxxxxxx>
To: <cdt-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Sent: Tuesday, July 22, 2003 5:15 PM
Subject: [cdt-dev] Re: [cdt-patch] Indexer Patch

> Hey Thomas,
> Sorry for the delay but we had to finish a couple of investigation items
> before I could send this.
> Yes, we've taken a look at the work needed to do code complete the way
> we
> want to, but unfortunately the parser just isn't ready to handle this
> new
> requirement yet.  At a minimum for 1.2, we are now looking at just
> porting
> the current code completion over to the new indexer as you suggest.
> Hoda
> will start looking at this soon and work with Bogdan and Andrew to
> ensure
> she can get enough information out of the new indexer for the job.  If
> you
> or Alain have any help to offer, that would be great.  The super-duper
> code complete will have to wait until the next release :-(.
> Cheers,
> Doug
> "Thomas Fletcher" <thomasf@xxxxxxx>
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> 07/21/2003 04:41 PM
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> cc
> Subject
> Re: [cdt-patch] Indexer Patch
> Bogdan, Hoda,
>   Does this mean that with the indexing of the functions now, we could
> start
> using
> this for code completion in the editor?  If I understood correctly, this
> was
> something
> that Hoda was looking at, I'm interested in finding out where we are at
> with
> this.
> Thanks,
>   Thomas
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> From: "Bogdan Gheorghe" <gheorghe@xxxxxxxxxx>
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> Sent: Monday, July 21, 2003 3:02 PM
> Subject: [cdt-patch] Indexer Patch
> >
> > This patch adds namespaces, enums, typedefs, functions, methods,
> fields
> > and vars to the index. It also fixes a problem with the Search label
> > provider which caused it to not display properly under some
> conditions.
> > (Note this patch does not affect any other components).
> >
> > - Bogdan
> >
> >
> >
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