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Re: [cdt-dev] Re: Debugger Window? Pro-C plug-in? Debugging unix C apps remotedly from Windows?

> Thanks Alain, 
> For question #1 (programmaticaly simulating an Eclipse breakpoint) - yes it 
> is Java-related. I was hoping some of the CDT plugin developers out there 
> would have an answer. Sorry if it is OT. 

No problemo.  Try the JDT debug mailing list or newsgroups.

> What about # 2 and #3? Has anyone had any experience running Pro-C under 
> Eclipse and/or

I do not know what is Pro-C.
Any link handy to educate.

> using Eclipse under Windows to debug a Unix app? 
> Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated. 

Well, CDT open source does probably not have all the bits and pieces to
make the experience pleasant out-of-the-box.  However a certain number
of third parties are building products with support, on top of CDT 
to make this possible. Springs to mind:

- QNX IDE(CDT base), heavily customize for windows host targetting QNX application/targets
- Timesys another IDE on top of CDT targetting more GNU/Linux integration.
- Other players also, working on there own integration.

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