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[cdt-dev] Re: Debugger Window? Pro-C plug-in? Debugging unix C apps remotedly from Windows?

Thanks Alain, For question #1 (programmaticaly simulating an Eclipse breakpoint) - yes it is Java-related. I was hoping some of the CDT plugin developers out there would have an answer. Sorry if it is OT. What about # 2 and #3? Has anyone had any experience running Pro-C under Eclipse and/or using Eclipse under Windows to debug a Unix app? Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

Alain Magloire writes:

1. I am writing an error handler in Java. I would like it to have a
method breakpoint(). Calling this method would bring in the Eclipse
debugger window - with call stack, variables etc. Is there a way to
do so? I know how to do it in Visual Age for Java: you do DebugSupport.halt(); 2. Has anyone heard of a Pro*C plug-in?
3. Is there a plug-in that allows to
seamlessly deploy C files to a Unix box, compile and debug them
there remotedly, all from the Windows environment (no X-windows)? Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated. Sorry if this is an OT - I could not find a more relevant group.

I do not follow here. Are you debugging a Java program or a C/C++ application ?
In the C/C++ of the CDT there are no way that an application can halt
itself and turn itself into a debug session.
However, you can run an application in debug mode and set breakpoints
programatically. For Java application related question you are in the wrong mailing list.

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