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Re: [cdt-dev] JNI support

CDT does look like the place for this, but initially I will see how much functionality I can create as a seperate plugin. This will be my first attempt at a Eclipse component, and so will be safer working in my own sandbox before I start submitting patches for CDT.

Magnus Ihse wrote:

At 06:16 2003-04-24, Jeffrey Dever wrote:

I am considering adding support for JNI programming. The initial goals would be to provide awareness of javah, association of classes with native methods and the associated C/C++ implementation and command completion of JVM functions through the env pointer.

I'm seeking advice. Has any work been done in this direction? Would this be considered for CDT or better as an independent plugin? Would anyone (other than me) find this useful?

Most definitely so! :-) I've also been thinking a lot of how to use CDT with JDT to facilitate JNI. Unfortunately, I can't spend much time developing any such plugin, so my contribution is limited to coming with ideas, and testing. :-(

I think the idea of JNI support in CDT has been mentioned briefly on the list (or possibly the newsgroup) before, but not more than on the level of "gee, that sounds like a good idea".

As I see it, a JNI support plugin breaks down to two categories: JDT/CDT namespace connection, and build support. Some examples of what I mean:

Namespace connection:
* You should be able to make a "JNI connection" between a CDT and a JDT project. (Perhaps, if it's possible, you should have a single project with dual "natures".) * You should be able to go to the C implementation of a native declared method from JDT. * You should be able to go to the java native declaration from a C implementation in CDT. * It should be trivial to create a JNI implementation fuction stub (basically, get the name right :)) from a java native method declaration. * Rename refactoring of either the native declaration in Java or the C implementation should rename the other element, too. * C functions with "JNI-style" names which doesn't correspond to a native declaration in Java should (optionally) result in a warning * If a Java project is "JNI-connected" with a CDT project, then Java native method declarations which does not have a CDT implementation should result in a warning * Arguments to JNI functions (the env-pointer ones) which correspond to Java elements (class, method, field names) should have "command completion" from the corresponding Java project name space.

Build support:
 * Running javah automatically when Java source code changes.
 * Help the user get all library paths correctly

However, I don't really think that command completion of JNI functions from the env-pointer is a JNI issue. After all, the JNIEnv is just a pointer to a plain C struct with function pointers. There's nothing special in that. CDT should be able to do command completion on that, and on all other similar constructs. That being said, it is of course more important to make sure that CDT does that in a correct way when you're developing JNI code -- after all, it's not a commonly used construct. :-)


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