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Re: [cdt-dev] is Win98 a supported platform ?

> > The Windows fragment(JNI C/C++ implementation):
> >   org.eclipse.cdt.core.win32/
> > 		library/*.c
> > 
> >   It is separated in two, code for a small executable call "starter.exe"
> >   this allow us, especially for Java-1.3.x, to exec() external application
> >  without
> >   the annoying DOS console terminal popping everywhere. And code for the JNI
> >  implementation
> >   in libspawner.dll.
> Thanks.
> I tried using CDT on WIN98. I could launch and debug programs. What's exactly the problem? (However I had problems to use make.exe for compiling programs.)
> I could find calls to SetHandleInformation() in the source code, which is not supported for Win 9x. One could replace it with calls to DuplicateHandle() in order to get the desired results. But I don't think, this is the real problem? 

I do not know, what's the problem, the feebacks are based on PR we have in Bugzilla.
It seems some folks have a hard time when the OS is win98.

We do not have any Win98 boxes here, (IS did a good job, nuking them) and QNX
does support there product on Win98.  So what I know is from the usual PR's
"do not work" without further details on win98.

Alex is still investigating here.

Thanks very much for taking a look at this, I will pass along the comments.

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