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Re: [cdt-dev] Re: [cdt-patch] CModelBuilder adds line numbers + JUnit test

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> I'll agree and take it a step furthur.  I don't think we've given this 
> line number stuff enough thought and it feels like we are rushing to quick 
> answers.
> However, in order to get the release completed, is what we have broken, or 
> can we release it and work on a better solution in May?

I think, we have an already good framework, it corresponds to the one of the JDT
line information is provided through the ISourceRange interface.  Classes
that need to provide line information, implements the ISourceReference interface.

So the problems:
- the new Parser was not providing line information.
  * But this is corrected(or will be by John C. when possible).
- Removing ICElement.setStartLine(), the correct way to retrieve offset are line
  information should be trough the ISourceRange interface.
  * this will be corrected(will be corrected by Hoda).

I am not aware of any other difficulties.

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