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[cdt-dev] CppUnit plugin

Hi !
As Rational intends to build component testing tools on the top of it, please find here a proposal to contribute a new Cdt-Plugin supporting the component testing development, execution, and reporting, based on the CppUnit framework, just as the org.eclipse.jdt.junit plugin does for Java.
This would be based on a very simple wizard generating an empty test driver.
In addition to this, executing it "as a CppUnit Test" (with a new launch shortcut) will send results through a socket back to the workbench for a display in a specific CppUnit view.
In 2 words, nothing more or less than what is in org.eclipse.jdt.junit.
I already see some evolutions of this plugin for further integration with a builder and a new CDom. First version without.
Thanks in advance for your comments.

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