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[cdt-dev] Curious about the make target


Trying to add new make target to the "Make Target" view part, and refresh
the MakeView view, I wrote the following lines:

	 * Add it
// Remove in case it already exists
MakeUtil.addPersistentTarget(getCProject().getProject(),"MyNewTarget"); //
Add it

	 * Refresh the MakeView
	IViewPart makeView=page.findView("org.eclipse.cdt.ui.MakeView");
	if((makeView!=null)&&(makeView instanceof MakeView))
		MakeView v=(MakeView)makeView;
		v.viewer.refresh();  // Which works only if the tree viewer
of the MakeView is public (which is not).

Any better way to do this ?
If not, wouldn't it be an idea to provide a public method in the MakeView
allowing to create/remove target (refreshing the view), or simply to set the
TreeViewer with a public access ?

Thanks in advance


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