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[cdt-dev] CDT installation instructions and workaround for known problem

Hi all,

There have been some sporadic problems reported regarding installing the CDT
in both Eclipse 2.0.x and 2.1.

The following is a guide to installing the CDT and a workaround for this
intermittent problem

If you unzip the file into the eclipse directory:

1) Be sure that all previous installations of the CDT have 
    been removed from your plugins and features directories
2) If the Install/Update manager will not let you install the CDT saying
something to the effect of Eclipse C/C++ Development Tools (Windows)
requires Eclipse C/C++ Development Tools 1.0.1
    a) Eclipse will still install the plugins but it will disable them. 
        (Disabled plugins are not visible in the default view)
    b) In the Install/Update Perspective, Install Configuration View
        i) select the icon to show disabled features
        ii) The Eclipse C/C++ Development Tools (Windows) will show as
        iii) Click the "Enable" button in the Details Preview View
        iv) Both plugins should now be fully enabled.

I will continue to look into why this is happening and hope to have it
solved in the near future

I would also like to solicit your help in testing the new nightly builds.
They were built with build scripts generated from Eclipse 2.1.
Preliminary testing shows that the builds install in both Eclipse (2.0.2 and
2.1) with no errors (aside from the unrelated problem outlined above).

The most likely problem would be with classes that use jface components,
since jface has moved locations in 2.1.

Your help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.


Judy N. Green               Software Engineer
Eclipse CDT Team  
QNX Software Systems Ltd.

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