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[cdt-dev] Process.setPriority()


Have you ever noticed that there is no java.lang.Process.setPrioity() method? I sure have. We need one and I'm going to have to go add it since it just does not seem to be there. (Architectural simulators will consume all the cycles on your machine and that does not live well with Java for some reason -- at least on win32.)

I'm seriously considering adding it to Spawner for two reasons. First, Spawner seems like what java.lang.Process should be and second, there is already the framework for a JNI hookup there.

How I do this will differ depending on whether or not this is notionally something that belongs in Spawner. If it is, I'll do it in the "clean" way and send out the diffs. If it's not I'll do it in the "easy to maintain" way.

Feedback on whether or not this is interesting is appreciated. I can probably stub the method in the QNX fragment, but won't be able to build it or implement it. Linux, Solaris and Win32 I can implement and test.


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