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[cdt-dev] Next planning session

Hi all,

I'd like to get a feel for people's availability for the next 
planning sessions for the CDT. As the project scope has gotten
relatively large, my suggestion is to have a couple
of separate meetings to discuss features/direction/resources for
the different areas of CDT, and then work out an overall CDT
roadmap and schedule for the next 6 months.

My thought was to split up the discussions as follows:

- debugger (Alain has already mailed out a prioritized list
of features to the cdt-debug-dev mailing list) and target abstraction

- build model

- CDOM/parsing/indexing

- documentation

- We can discuss the other smaller features on the mailing lists, e.g.
class browsers, howto articles etc.

This should cover the major areas of work. We can then bring this all
together in a general conf. call.

If this is fine with everyone, we'll start an email thread on each of 
the above areas to discuss features/scope as well as schedule a call.



Sebastien Marineau
QNX Software Systems
(613) 271-9336

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