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[cdt-dev] GDB Integration Experience


Sorry if you get two of these....

We've been integrating our version of 5.2.1 GDB into cdt and I've got some questions based on our slash and burn integration experience.

I need to get some custom command line arguments to the GDB exec. That exec seems to happen in MIPlugin.createCSession and seems to have no hook for debug panel contributed arguments to the panel contributed GDB. Is the right thing to do create a custom version of MIPlugin or am I missing some other route? (For the moment, I created a custom GDBDebugger, IMILaunchConfigurationConstants and MIPlugin so that the contributed debug panel can deal with these things, but feel like I am wearing a hat with hack written on it when I'm doing so.)

I have the same issue for environment variables. Same solution?

We are finding some bugs in the 5.2.1 GDB-MI code relating to pseudo registers. 5.3 is coming soon and seems to have moved these over to "cooked" registers and have the issues fixed.

Is GDB 5.2.1 the 1.0.1 supported GDB?

When, notionally, is cdt moving to a new GDB version?


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