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[cdt-dev] CDT/Debug proposed plan

The plan below is a proto plan and input from the community is very welcome. 

A-  The overall themes for C/C++ debug are:

	- robust and enhance 
	- improve usability 
	- improve documentation, write articles 

B- Planned Items

	- Architectural issues 
		* CDI interface improvements
			+ VariableManager:
				- able to get static variables,
				- facilitate book-keeping of variable 
				  less intruisive on the target agent.
		* Tutorials and examples on the use of CDI/Launch
			+ CDI spy examples
		* More work on the default CDI (gdb/mi) implementation:
			+ GDB/MI improvements
			+ exploit more of the features from gdb, in the mi.core.
	- Performance 
		* Improve the performance by caching the result
			+ Register implementation needs more caching
	- Launch configurations 
		* Remote debugging (??)
		* Environment variable
			+ macro substitution i.e. ${PATH}:/home/bin
			+ show default environment list.

	- Source Locator
		* include in the launch configuration tabs
		* add persistency
		* Contribution to the debug target in the launch view
		  to able to change the source paths at runtime
		* allow external source paths
		* providing the scheme as JDT debug, where an "fake" editor
		  is shown with the possibility to "attach source"
		* special source locator for Cygwin?
		* extension point for contribution of other SourceLocator
		* mapping of prefix:
			/home/joe/src --> /../workspace/joe/src
		  Some executables are compiled with absolute paths
		  providing a mapping allows to move the sources.

	- Disassembly View
		* Breakpoints
			+ editor breakpoint actions
			+ address breakpoints(with Dialog)
			+ run to line(address)
		* switch from source to disassembly
			+ breakpoints persist beetween the two views
		* persitency of the address breakpoints.

	- Function breakpoint
		* Contribution to the Outline ICElement(IMethod/IFunction)
		* from a dialog box if no source available.

	- Signal manager in CDI
		* Signal view
		* actions (pass/nostop/etc..)

	- Shared library manager
		* shared view
		* actions (load(unload ?) symbols)
		* loading of breakpoint when shared is loaded

	- Formatting Values
		* octal/binary/...

	- Update UI after console commands
		* setting/deleting/changing breakpoints

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