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[cdt-dev] CDT packaging and versioning suggestions

If you download the regular CDT package and then the CDT Source package on top of it for the right machine, then you can then import the binary projects and view source in Eclipse. This is nice but can you cut out the extra step and just have one package that includes both? I.e., make it work like the platform sdk package. The CDT zips are only about 1M each so if somebody doesn't want the source it doesn't seem like a big penalty.

Also, I think calling the frozen branch and the head builds the same version number (1.0.1) is confusing. Would it be hard to switch the head builds to 1.0.2 or something? 

Finally on the download page I think it would be easier to use if you put the "Latest Releases" first, then the "Current Stable Builds", then the "Current Nightly Builds". The closer you can mimic the Eclipse Project download page (, the better.


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