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RE: [cdt-dev] Tensilica

Indeed, we had the conference call on the 9th of december.
The minutes of the call have been posted to the mailing list; 
you can also see the meeting agenda and some slides in the news
section on the Eclipse CDT project page.


> Has this conference call taken place yet ???
> Thanks
> Johannes de Jong
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> >Thanks, Chris, it sounds like you guys are working on some 
> very interesting 
> >stuff.  We are also looking at ways to provide automated makefile 
> >generation for the CDT.  This sounds like a great 
> opportunity to share some 
> >ideas and maybe help eachother with the effort.  And I'm 
> sure a lot of 
> >others might have some input in this area as well.
> >How does everyone feel about setting up a teleconference 
> where we can do 
> >some brainstorming?
> A conference call sounds like a good idea.
> I'd also like to welcome Chris and Tensilica to the CDT.
> The more interested people using the CDT, the better the interface we
> provide will be.
> Go CDT!!
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