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Re: [cdt-dev] Tensilica

Johannes de Jong wrote:

Has this conference call taken place yet ???

Yes it happened last week and Sebastien (fearless leader of the CDT tools project) posted the minutes to the mailing list. You can check the archives of the mailing list late last week.


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Thanks, Chris, it sounds like you guys are working on some very interesting stuff. We are also looking at ways to provide automated makefile generation for the CDT. This sounds like a great opportunity to share some ideas and maybe help eachother with the effort. And I'm sure a lot of others might have some input in this area as well. How does everyone feel about setting up a teleconference where we can do some brainstorming?

A conference call sounds like a good idea.
I'd also like to welcome Chris and Tensilica to the CDT.
The more interested people using the CDT, the better the interface we
provide will be.

Go CDT!!

Chatten met je online vrienden via MSN Messenger.

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