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[cdt-dev] Extension Points


After the call today, I got curious about existing cdt extension points. When I had a moment, I went through and looked. Here are the 10 that I could find in CDT 1.0.

CBuildCommand: String replacement for the default build command.

CBuildConsole: User supplied IConsole to use for the build display.

CProject: User supplied ICOwner. This looks to be a binding mechanism between a project and some form of platform (platform as in: windows is a platform) specific information, though what ICOwners are supposed to do on update and configure were beyond my five minute look.

CBuildModel: Supplies an incremental builder of type ICBuilder. One of these is specified in the cdt core, but I'll be darned if I can figure out what it does. I presume it's to update the Cmodel on small changes, but I can't find it in action.

ProcessList: Interface to the host to process list with IProcessList. (Interestingly, it seems to me like this should be a Target extension point rather than host. What if you are developing on Linux for a VxWorks target? I probably just do not understand it.)

CDebugger: Supplies an ICDebugger to the environment.

CDebuggerPage: Supplies an AbstractLaunchConfigurationTab to the launcher.

CCompletionContributor: Supplies an ICCompletionContributor that seems to feed the C code assist mechanisms.

CElementFilters: Non-executable extension to supply filters for the cview, though I'm not sure I'm totally understanding why H files and Makefiles are excluded.

textHovers: Supplies an ITextHover. It's not clear to me what the behavior is w.r.t. the default one when you put in yours.


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