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Re: [cdt-dev] debugging core files

> I have a program file that, if run, gives a segmentation fault. If I run 
> this file on command line, it gets core dumped and creates a core file 
> in the current directory. But if I run it in Eclipse, it appears as if 
> the core file is not created.

It depends where the program was run, by default it is in $HOME
not in the workspace, out of reach off the IDE.

> debugger, I have to have already run the program on command line for the 
> core file to be created so I can select it when debugging. I don't think 
> it should work this way. Please point me in the right direction if I'm 
> doing something wrong.

- Go in the launcher configuration of the program, the "Debug ..."
  In the "Arguments" tab,
  "Local directory" and set this to the directory of the project.

- Run the program again

- Do "Refresh".

The core should appear.

To analyse the core file, create In the Launch configuration category
Post-mortem ...  Run it and you will see the backtrace.

Two things here, that I can see are wrong.
1)  In the configuration launcher
  to choose an working directory form the workspace does not work correctly.
2) The Elf parser does not regonize core files.
3) You need to do a "refresh" since the core file was created outside of eclipse
   the workspace did not update the navigator view.

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