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[cdt-dev] Some questions on the cdt

I've been testing and using the cdt and had some questions regarding the content and functionality:

- Is there some way to determine what the type of a project is after it has been created? In project properties, the type is always just "project".

- What is the difference between a C and C++ project "behind the scenes"? I was using the convert from C to C++ wizard and couldn't figure out how anything changed when I converted the project. I guess I'm not using that particular wizard in a meaningful way?

- Is there a particular format that is expected of the Makefile in a standard C or C++ project? I'm asking because I was expecting targets from my makefile to appear under the project's "Make" context menu option but they don't unless I explicitly add a target using the "Add Make Targets" context menu option. Is it supposed to work this way?

- How is Comment/Uncomment used in the C editor? I tried highlighting lines of code (commented or otherwise) but both options always remain disabled.

- If the editor encounters a ^L (page break) character in a C file, it appears to stop parsing the file there and the outline view does not show any elements below that character. If I remove an occurrence of the page break, it will parse the file till the next one or the end, whichever comes first. I was wondering whether this is an intentional feature or whether it should be filed as a bug?

- lastly, I was using the GA candidate build and noticed that projects now have red error markers on them as soon as they are created, before any files have even been put into the project. Was this intentional?

Thanks a lot!!


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