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[cdt-dev] Re: [cdt-patch] Tests for org.eclipde.cdt.core (fwd)


  Great work.  Since you seem to be very keen on writing tests I would
like to propose that you be granted commit access to the cdt test modules.


On Fri, 13 Sep 2002, Peter Graves wrote (in cdt-patch):

> Attached is a zip file containing a copy of the org.eclipse.cdt.ui.test
> directory containing a couple of small patches/additions to the current
> files, and a new directory containing a number of tests for the core model.
> I would have submitted this as a patch file, but due to bug #19149 you can
> not create a patch containing new directory structures.
> The additions include:
> org.eclipse.cdt.testplugin.CProjectHelper: added a number of function to get
>         Archive/Binary/TranslationUnit objects from the core model based on
> a name
> org.eclipse.cdt.testplugin.util:  Added a new utility class ExpectedStrings
> to verify a list of strings
>         found in an object/list etc.
> model directory: This contains the model tests I have written, and some
> needed resources. It's not
>         a huge list of tests yet, but it will grow with time.
> Thanks
>   -Peter

Thomas (toe-mah) Fletcher       QNX Software Systems
thomasf@xxxxxxx                 OS Technology Developer

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