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[cdt-dev] C Editor

Hi, all!

I have a question about editor. I wrote my own editor and parser with it. My parser highlights text in the Editor. So I want to use color manager of C Editor. I mean color manager that situated in CEditorPreference Page in Windows->Preferences menu.

I found out how to get colors from manager after its changing(using storePreference) but I can't understand how to change text in my Editor after changind color in manager. I even can't understand how it works with C Editor. May be someone will prompt me how to do it. May be someone explain how it works with C Editor.

And also I don't understand mechanism of creating preview field in color manager. I found out that text for preview is loaded from special file but what happens then... This is my second question.

Help please!

Thanks in advance,

Igor S. Zamyatin(Garra)

Interstron Ltd
email:  isz@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
tel:    +7 (095) 269-4713
cell:   +7 (902) 659-5838

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