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[cdt-cloud-dev] Committer Election for Neel Gondalia on Eclipse CDT Cloud has started

A committer election for Neel Gondalia on project Eclipse CDT Cloud
(ecd.cdt-cloud) was started by Bernd Hufmann with this criteria:

Neel Gondalia has made an impact Eclipse CDT cloud project by contributing to
the trace viewer related repositories. He contributed bugfixes and features
in the front-end, in particular he contributed code to the
vscode-trace-extension and theia-trace-extension repositories. He also
provided patches to the Trace Compass server implementation to support a
feature needed in the front-end and for a custom trace server that he is
working on. He also provided an VScode extension API so that third-party
VScode extensions can add functionality and customization to the trace

Neel will continue participate in the Eclipse CDT cloud project by doing code
inspections, helping with design decisions and by contributing code to the

He provided the following patches:

He contributed code and reviews to Trace Compass/Trace Compass server:

He also participated in discussions on the Trace Compass mailing list, for

For these reasons and the long-term outlook of his involvement in this
project, I'd like to nominate Neel as a committer on Eclipse CDT Cloud.

Eclipse CDT Cloud project committers can click the election link below to



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