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Re: [cbi-dev] Selecting a Maven groupId

Le 16/05/2022 à 22:44, Bill Branan via cbi-dev a écrit :
Hi all,

I'm working with the Eclipse Public Access Submission System (PASS) project, which is currently in the Incubation phase as we move the project from Johns Hopkins to Eclipse: We've completed transitioning the code to an Eclipse GitHub org ( and are currently working on updating Maven settings. I was pointed to this list as a good place to ask questions about this process.

We need to select a new Maven groupId. The obvious choice is "org.eclipse.pass", as that seems to fit the model of other Eclipse projects using Maven. We'd like to know if this is an acceptable groupId, but haven't been able to find any policy documentation to help us make this determination. mentions:

   By convention, the |groupid| should be of the form
   |org.eclipse.<shortname>| (e.g. |org.eclipse.dash| for the
   |technology.dash| project). Project teams should work with their PMC
   if some exception to this convention is required (and take care to
   avoid infringing on the namespaces of other projects). The form of
   the |artifactid| should be determined by the project team. The
   version number should follow the standard Semantic Versioning
   pattern. All pre-release builds must be appropriately labeled (e.g.
   |1.0M3| for pre-release builds of version |1.0|).

Have other projects received any type of review or approval when selecting a groupId? Any suggestions for navigating this process would be welcome.


*/Bill Branan/*
/IT Senior Manager/
/Digital Research & Curation Center/
/Johns Hopkins University/

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