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[cbi-dev] Questions about Python and publishing to another Git repo

Hi all,

I have two things I'm trying to iron out for Eclipse GeoMesa's CI jobs.

First, GeoMesa is mostly a typical Maven with Java 8 build; there is a PySpark integration which is hidden behind a profile and building with that profile requires Python and installing a few pip packages (setuptools and pyspark).  Also, GeoMesa's documentation is built with Sphinx.

Is there a recommended way to add the necessary Python packages to a build?  (In an internal Jenkins, we have used virtualenv to install the packages in an ad hoc manner.  I tried that on the GeoMesa CI, but it wasn't available.)

Second, GeoMesa's documentation source is in the main GeoMesa repo and the docs are hosted in a separate one hooked up to GitHub pages.  For historical reasons, the GitHub pages repo is in a separate GitHub organization.

Is there an obvious way to sort out the necessary pieces for that to work?  (Admittedly, this is kinda like where Hugo is replaced with Sphinx, things have already moved to github, and separate GitHub organizations are in play.)

Thanks in advance for help on either of these topics!



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