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Re: [cbi-dev] Deployment to stopped working due to ssh-agent issues

Hi Jonah,

Thank you very much! That was indeed the problem and based on your suggestion I was able to have the issue fixed by webmaster.

The related bug seems to be a contact point for projects who had and have the same issue.

Best regards,

On 3/14/2021 1:02 PM, Jonah Graham wrote:
Hi Daniel,

This looks like a another instance of

Please file a bug for webmaster to fix the problem. 


On Sun., Mar. 14, 2021, 06:59 Daniel Strüber, <strueber@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


In our project (henshin), we are following the deployment instructions from

Our build configuration is set-up to use the SSH Agent with project-specific credentials (box "SSH Agent" ticked, "specific credentials" selected with entry "genie.henshin (ssh://genie.henshin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)".

This setup has recently stopped working, even though we did not change anything in the build configuration.

The last (failing) build:

Relevant excerpt from the build log:
Building remotely on basic-64kkv in workspace /home/jenkins/agent/workspace/cbi_henshin_nightly
[ssh-agent] Looking for ssh-agent implementation...
[ssh-agent]   Exec ssh-agent (binary ssh-agent on a remote machine)
$ ssh-agent
[ssh-agent] Started.
Running ssh-add (command line suppressed)
ssh_askpass: exec(/home/jenkins/agent/workspace/cbi_henshin_nightly@tmp/ No such file or directory
$ ssh-agent -k
echo Agent pid 61 killed;
[ssh-agent] Stopped.
ERROR: Failed to run ssh-add
Finished: FAILURE

Are there any ideas about what's wrong here and how to fix it?

Best regards,
Daniel Strüber

Dr. Daniel Strüber 
Assistant Professor
Radboud University Nijmegen, the Netherlands
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Dr. Daniel Strüber 
Postdoctoral Researcher

Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Chalmers | University of Gothenburg, Sweden

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