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[cbi-dev] Jenkins Build: fails to load dependencies during build (edit)

Hi all,

we are trying to set up the official Eclipse Jenkins server for CogniCrypt. (https://jenkins.eclipse.org/cognicrypt/job/CogniCrypt/)

However the builds (
https://jenkins.eclipse.org/cognicrypt/job/CogniCrypt/69/console)  fails to load a dependencies:

[ERROR] Failed to execute goal on project de.cognicrypt.crysl.handler: Could not resolve dependencies for project de.cognicrypt:de.cognicrypt.crysl.handler:eclipse-plugin:1.0.0-SNAPSHOT: Failed to collect dependencies at de.darmstadt.tu.crossing.CryptSL:de.darmstadt.tu.crossing.CryptSL:jar:1.0.0-SNAPSHOT: Failed to read artifact descriptor for de.darmstadt.tu.crossing.CryptSL:de.darmstadt.tu.crossing.CryptSL:jar:1.0.0-SNAPSHOT: Could not transfer artifact de.darmstadt.tu.crossing.CryptSL:de.darmstadt.tu.crossing.CryptSL:pom:1.0.0-SNAPSHOT from/to xtend (
http://build.eclipse.org/common/xtend/maven/): eclipse.org: Unknown host eclipse.org -> [Help 1]

We have setup our own Jenkins server with the exact same configuration (
https://soot-build.cs.uni-paderborn.de/jenkins/job/boomerang/job/eclipse-cognicrypt/1/), and the build succeeds.

The error appears when fetching the artifact from
http://build.eclipse.org/common/xtend/maven/, however the jar is deployed to this repository: https://it.crossing.tu-darmstadt.de/cognicrypt, which is also mentioned in the pom.xml

Does anyone have an idea how to resolve the issue?

Thanks a lot.