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[cbi-dev] signing up for new JIPP (CloudBees CJE on top of Red Hat’s OpenShift)

Hi CBI team.

Question, how do projects volunteer for early migration to new JIPP ?

In out (N4JS) project we did not really set up working build on existing JIPP.
Now with new infrastructure on the horizon, we don't have much interest in setting one up.
Especially that our initial experiments with existing JIPP were not easy. Mainly due to
setup we need: Docker, Java8, Maven3, Nodejs8, SWTBot tests, few GBs of memory,
 2 hour build, lots of spawned processes.

We would prefer to setup this on new JIPPS (CloudBees+RedHat) than bothering you
with questions like "How do I do X on infrastructure you will drop in few months?".



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