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[cbi-dev] NOTICE: mass move of bugs from b3 to cbi


Now that I am working again on bug BugÂ487543 (moving the b3 aggregator to the CBI project) I would like to move the bugs from "EMFT.b3/aggregator" to "CBI/CBI p2 repository aggregator" (See Comment 17).

I am sending this notice since some people may get about 300 email notices from bugzilla about a change to a b3 bug or a new cbi-inbox bug (some new and still open, some old and long ago closed). As mentioned in Comment 17, after discussing with the webmaster, it does not seem worth turning off "all bugzilla notices" for this move.

So, 5 to 10 people may want to adjust your bugzilla preferences. Or, if not that, you will at least know you do not need to literally read all 300 of those bugzilla notices.

I plan to do this between 3 and 5 PM (Eastern time) on Friday 9/16.