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[cbi-dev] A contribution and a "move" proposal

I am proposing that the "b3 aggregator editor" move to CBI, from the b3 project.
See (and comment in) bug 487543.

Also, I am proposing to contribute the "Repo reports and tests" to CBI.
See (and comment in) bug 487535.

The main motive behind both is to make it easier to maintain and get contributed improvements.
But also it seems conceptually they are part of the "infrastructure" at Eclipse, so conceptually I think that is the best long-term home for them.

Plus, for the "repo reports and tests" I would like to see them get to the point that individual projects can easily use them in their own builds -- whether or not they are in the Simultaneous Release -- so the quality of our software repositories can improve -- especially those in the yearly Simultaneous Release. :)

I am sending this note for better visibility of the proposals, but feel free to comment in the bugs if you have an opinion or suggestions.