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Re: [cbi-dev] Procedure to deploy to download.eclipse.org


Thanks you for sharing your script.

I will look at it precisely.


But I do not understand the relationship with the promotion job.

I have cliked on the Hudson link.

I am not able to see the configuration of the job.


You call it as a shell script?

But how do you fill the parameters  in the Hudson job?



Thanks again


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Objet : Re: [cbi-dev] Procedure to deploy to download.eclipse.org


Hi Francois, 


I have worked on more „elaborate“ shell scripts for gef (http://git.eclipse.org/c/gef/org.eclipse.gef.git/tree/org.eclipse.gef.repository/publish.sh) and gef4 (http://git.eclipse.org/c/gef/org.eclipse.gef4.git/tree/org.eclipse.gef4.repository/publish.sh), which might come close to what you expect (they are basically identical except for naming differences). I call the scripts from dedicated promotion jobs (https://hudson.eclipse.org/gef/job/promote-gef-master/, https://hudson.eclipse.org/gef/job/promote-gef4-master/), but you could also execute them directly from command line (and even cron). They are capable of publishing to (composite) update-sites and drop files area. 


Maybe that gives you a better start. We could also think of contributing them to CBI, but I am not sure how „generic“ our project deployment really is.





Am 27.10.2015 um 08:53 schrieb LE FEVRE FRANCOIS <francois.le-fevre@xxxxxx>:



Thanks for your quick answer.


So if I do understand from your answer and examples that I have find across several projects

I have 3 solutions, I could:

1.       Add a shell command task in my Hudson job

2.       Add a maven plugin (ant) in the normal build process

3.       Add shell command that are deployed as a cron on the download.eclipse.org server; that is in charge to retrieve the build artifacts


Any idea what is the best approve between the 3 solutions?


It is strange that there is no official shell script that make the job for any eclipse project.

This script could define the official process in term of naming convention etc… It seems that every project has its own scripts…


Any idea if there is an official Maven/ Tycho plugin that could take all of this in order to standardize the way eclipse projects publish their artifacts?



Thanks again.






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Objet : Re: [cbi-dev] Procedure to deploy to download.eclipse.org



On 10/26/2015 06:38 PM, LE FEVRE FRANCOIS wrote:

Could you give advice / best pratices to deploy directly from the HIPP instance to the download area?

Is there any maven plugin? With a dedicated profile ?

I usually add a "Shell" step after the Maven one that takes care of copying the bits to the download area. The root of the download area in mounted in /home/data/httpd/download.eclipse.org/ .

See for example, in https://hudson.eclipse.org/swtbot/job/swtbot-tycho/
   # Clean previous
   rm -rf  /home/data/httpd/download.eclipse.org/technology/swtbot/snapshots/*
   # Publish
   cp -r org.eclipse.swtbot.updatesite/target/repository/* /home/data/httpd/download.eclipse.org/technology/swtbot/snapshots/
   cd /home/data/httpd/download.eclipse.org/technology/swtbot/snapshots/
   zip -r repository.zip

I know some other have implemented similar steps in a Maven profile hooked on the deploy phase and run "mvn deploy". I don't know if one is really better than the other.


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