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Re: [cbi-dev] [wtp-releng] WTP migration to CBI

Hi Everyone,

Wanted to give a quick update on where I'm at. It's been a busy week for me and I didn't get through as much webtools pom converting as I wanted to. At this moment I've completed creating initial poms for the following webtools repos:


I've been using this list as a starting point for which repos to work on:

I will continue converting my poms from last year and hopefully have the initial poms ready next week. I will open a bug against CBI and post my patches there for review when it's ready.



On 21/06/13 02:31 PM, Thanh Ha wrote:
Hi Carl,

(Should this discussion move to a CBI mailing list?  Are there still CBI meetings?)

Yes, I think it'd be worth moving this conversation to the cbi mailing list (cc'd). We have not been doing regular CBI meetings for a while now.

> Are there any other projects building in CBI besides the Platform?

From what I can tell EMF and DTP are not building with CBI today but GEF Tooling is. A list of projects currently using CBI currently can be found here [1].

> And what would be the best way for us to restart this effort?

I think first steps is I port the work I started from the CVS version to the WTP Git repos and post the work somewhere and go from there. If I recall I left off when I was having a compile error last year [2]. I will see if I still run into this issue after I port the work over to the newer WTP version.



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