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Re: [cbi-dev] New Joiner Questions

Hi Kevin,

You can build for exactly 1 bundle by passing the parameter -Pbuild-individual-bundles.

Example: mvn clean verify -Pbuild-individual-bundles



On 09/06/13 08:19 AM, Kevin Connor Arpe wrote:

Apologies, most of the content in my last email should have been directed at the JDT Core mail list.

Question #2 is still relevant for this mailing list.

To clarify, I am using the releng project to build Eclipse via Maven on Linux:


On Sun, Jun 9, 2013 at 8:16 PM, Kevin Connor Arpe <kevinarpe@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I am a new hacker on Eclipse source code.  I am interested to use the ASTParser et al to do some Java source analysis. As a starting point, I built the Eclipse source from Git HEAD.  I had some troubles initially, but I was able to resolve all build issues.  Kudos to Lars' blog posts and the general Eclipse wiki pages.  All were quite helpful!

One of the ways I like to give back to open source is to improve docs -- Wiki pages and Javadocs.

I have already contributed some small notes to this build page on Wiki:

>>> Question #1
Regarding Javadocs, what is the right way to submit a javadoc-only patch?

Here are my assumptions, please correct or amend as necessary.
1) Update Javadocs on HEAD in my own local Git repo.
2) Create patch via git format-patch
3) Create bug in Bugzilla with severity=enhancement

Ideally, I should compile the code and run tests before submitting my patch.  I want to be sure the behavior of the code is unchanged -- no "fat fingers"/typos.

>>> Question #2
How can I run "mvn clean verify" (or whatever Maven command) for just one Maven module?
I tried and got an error.  Example module: git://

>>> Question #3
Finally, for module eclipse.jdt.core, I see a "rewrite" package under org.eclipse.jdt.core.dom.  Should this worry me?  (I don't want my Javadoc patches to be aimed at the wrong area.)

With regards,
Kevin Arpe

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