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Re: [cbi-dev] Some feedback on the build prototype

On Thu, Dec 22, 2011 at 3:08 PM, Igor Fedorenko <igor@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Interesting. The build takes around 7 minutes on my duo core linux box
with primed local repository caches. I do have SSD in that box,

The SSD would certainly give you an edge :-) even with primed local caches my Quad Core at home takes about 15 minutes for the mvn clean install (skip-tests)

likely explains the difference. How long does the current PDE/Build take?

To build the equinox  and eclipse SDK and generates the platform zips can take between 2h and 3.5h, I think.

This likely means I did not use the right feature.xml to include in
org.eclipse.sdk.epp. I'll try to find the right ones when I update
tycho-monolith-build branch to match Juno M4 sources.

Strangely enough it looks like most of the Eclipse 4 bundles (except swt.addons) ended up in the packaged products, so they must have come from somewhere.  It also might be the crossover for 3.8 features ... in 4.2, org.eclipse.rcp includes org.eclipse.e4.rcp which lists the core Eclipse 4 bundles, and in the prototype product org.eclipse.rcp doesn't include org.eclipse.e4.rcp.

I will let Andrew decide on this one. When do you plan to switch over to
4.2 build by default for the SDK?

The switch over will be during Juno M5 ... we'll end up with 4.2 primary I builds and 4.2 nightlies, built the same way that the 3.8 I builds are currently built.  There will still be a 3.8 I build each week.

I'll leave it up to the 2 of you to decide, but right now 4.2 is built differently from most other builds, consuming large parts of 3.8, building Eclipse 4, and hacking in all sorts of places (branding features, some docs, etc).  The 3.8 build is representative of what we need to do to build both SDKs, and the 4.2 build will be built similar to 3.8 before M5 ... but I'd recommend working against 3.8 to avoid the rapidly change structural target that 4.2 M5 will represent :-)


Paul Webster
Hi floor.  Make me a sammich! - GIR

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