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[buildship-dev] Build Eclipse on FreeBSD

Hello :-)

I have a question, because older versions of Eclipse have successfully
been ported to FreeBSD.  Actually it seems not be possible, although 
the process of building finally finishes successfully...  here the
logging end...

[INFO] org.eclipse.rcp.configuration 1.1.1400-SNAPSHOT .... SUCCESS [ 
0.092 s]
[INFO] org.eclipse.rt.osgistarterkit.product 4.21.0-SNAPSHOT SUCCESS [ 
8.414 s]
[INFO] equinox-sdk 4.21.0-SNAPSHOT ........................ SUCCESS [
28.039 s]
[INFO] platform-aggregator 4.21.0-SNAPSHOT ................ SUCCESS [ 
1.000 s]
[INFO] Total time:  37:15 min
[INFO] Finished at: 2022-03-20T16:23:39+01:00

I don't know if anybody could help - but the older versions of eclipsed
worked like a charm on FreeBSD...   it uses openjdk11 to compile

but how to proceed?  Another user started porting and send me a small
description of the steps.  I use FreeBSD 13.  Here the steps:

mkdir eclipse; cd eclipse
git clone
cd freebsd-eclipse

run all of them - it may take about 1 hour.  After all I got the
logging, but not *tgz file which produced a success...  Some additional
packages needs to be installed like openjdk11, maven etc...

Would be nice if someone could help me - and the FreeBSD Project to get
a running actual eclipse version :-)

Cheers, Norbert

penguins live at the south pole, some in the zoo, but not in my computer :)

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