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[buildship-dev] Buildship and the Mars Simultaneous Release repository

Buildship committers,

Besides many other roles you might see me in, I am also chair of the Eclipse Foundation's Planning Council, and it is in that role, that I'm sending this message. The primary role of the Planning Council is to coordinate our "yearly release" and its corresponding huge repository.

I don't know if or how many of you were aware of the details, but there has been some discussion at the Planning Council if Buildship could be allowed to participate, and to be in that Simultaneous Release repository, even though it has not been in any of the Mars milestones. And in brief, the answer was "no", that as a group, we didn't feel comfortable with that, primarily due to it feeling "rushed" or "last minute" and one of reasons the Simultaneous Release works is that everyone participates "all along" so by the end it's pretty easy and no big surprises (which is no easy task, given there are 50 or so projects participating).

That said, everyone supported your project in general and are excited about you joining Eclipse. So, I just wanted to reach out, introduce myself, and offer any help if you need it. I know you have been working closely with your mentors (Wayne and Markus) so that's good, and no reason not to continue that. I just wanted to be sure you knew we, the Planning Council were supportive of your project.

We also felt there were good alternatives for you. For example, you can still release in June, under the normal Eclipse Development Process (EDP) rules, and simply be in your own repository and offer what ever downloads you'd like from your web pages. (Plus, Wayne I believe has some other ideas he may discuss with you, about "the Market Place"). Plus, there is still the possibility you could be in the Simultaneous Release repository in September, the time we call "SR1". (Service Release has become a bit of misnomer). To do that, you'd still have to meet all the other requirements, plus be "in the aggregation builds" from July to September, and, would still take something of an "exception to the rules", but I think my then, you could easily show that you "fit in" smoothly without stress. In other words, you don't have to wait a whole year, or anything like that.

Thanks, welcome to Eclipse, and best of luck!

P.S. From what I've heard, you already know about Simultaneous Release Requirements  if not the whole Mars Wiki.
If you haven't yet, would also encourage your project lead or release engineer to subscribe to the cross-project mail list and subscribe to the bugzilla component of cross-project -- just to get a better idea of the kind of issues that come up and how we 50 projects (or so) stay in communication about the Simultaneous Release.

P.S.S. It was nice to see Ethene's post about your downloads ... to see a little activity on your dev list! :)

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