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[birt-report-designer-dev] How to set a background picture in the rptdesign file

Hi,  all,

I want to print a given invoice which is already been designed, then I want to take the following steps:
1) Firstly, I scan the invoice into a jpeg file
2) Secondly, I set the scaned jpeg file as the backgroud of the rptdesign file 3) Thirdly, drag the corresponding db fields into the corresponding blank the fields 4) Finally, I want to se the backgroud unvisible and print it. Of course, the given invoice is placed in the printer, thus the invoice can be printed.

But I come across a big question: now the BIRT support the backgroud picture?(see step 2 and step 4). If not, how can I relize this print function.

Thank you all,


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