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[birt-report-designer-dev] Scripted data source


I am using the 2.0 M1 BIRT designer and I have issues with Scripted data sources. It seems that I can not use any
functions (like DateTimeSpan) in my data set.

I tried on the fetch method to set a row with the following instruction:
    row[5] = DateTimeSpan.months(startDate, endDate);

where startDate and endDate are date objects created as following (I  can display them in columns):
calendar = new java.util.GregorianCalendar(2004, 0, 1);
startDate = calendar.getTime();

When I tried to preview my output columns in the dataset editor, i got this error (sorry it's in french, i havn't found a way to switch my rcp designer to english yet, maybe you can help on that point too):
Une exception Birt s'est produite.
  Plug-in Name:BIRT Data Engine
  Code d'erreur:data.engine.JSScriptInvalid
  Message d'erreur:_expression_ _javascript_ incorrecte. Source : DataSet:ScriptSet.fetch, ligne :0, _expression_ :
function_prefix_1128073835999();function function_prefix_1128073835999(){
if(count < 10){
    count ++;
    row.columnAny = count;
    row["columnString"]= "this is the string"+count;
    row[3] = count * count;
    row[4] = startDate;
    row.endDate = endDate;
    row[5] = DateTimeSpan.months(startDate, endDate);
    return true;

return false;}
Erreur du moteur de script : ReferenceError: "DateTimeSpan" n'est pas défini (DataSet:ScriptSet.fetch#7)

I have the same error if I try to import a custom package (self made) even if I put the jar file in the report viewer WEB-INF/lib folder

thanks for your help

Olivier Jauze

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