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[birt-report-designer-dev] Scripted data source


I am trying to use a Scripted data source but I get some tricky
errors. I have downloaded a demo video on the birt site (in the
tutorial section) and I am trying to do the same things.

In my data set code editor, i have written the following instructions:
 - on the open property:
count = 0;
- on the fetch property:
if(count < 10){
	return true;
return false;

Unfortunately I got an error when I try to preview my result on the DataSet occurred
  Error Message:Error evaluating script
(source:DataSet:Script_DataSet.fetch, line:2):  invalid return
  invalid return (DataSet:Script_DataSet.fetch#2)

Maybe I am doing something wrong but i can figure out what. In fact, I
can not use any javascript function (like the importPackage one).
Thanks for your help.

note: I am using Rational Application Developer and the report
designer 1.0-1 (downloaded today)
Olivier Jauze

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