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[birt-news] Re: Export BIRT.product fails

Hi all,
I forgot to attach the two fails I mentioned in my last mail. Please find them attached in this mail.

On 1/27/07, Rashid Khan <rashidk3@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi all,
I checked out BIRT 2.1.1_Release 20060729 source from CVS Repository. I have been able to run it successfully within eclipse without any errors. However, when I try to export BIRT.product using the Eclipse Product export wizard, it fails with an error (after proceeding for about 86%) saying to refer to the log files for details. When I go through the log files I find that some errors are reported in two files:
1. logs/org.eclipse.birt.core/@dot.bin.log (see attached)
2. logs/org.eclipse.birt.report.data.oda.sampledb.ui/ui.jar.bin.log (see attached)
I do not understand why eclipse does not complain about these errors when I run the application within eclipse, and somehow fails when I try to export. Any idea what I am missing here?
I have been trying to fix this error since two weeks now without any luck. I would really appreciate if any one guides me through this. It is critical for me to know how to build BIRT by exporting it as Eclipse Product, as I have to make some small changes to the BIRT source code.
Thanks in advance.

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