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RE: [birt-news] Help



Please post your questions to the BIRT newsgroup. Take a look at http://www.eclipse.org/birt/index.php?page=community.html for more information.


Additionally, here are some questions for you to consider -


What heap size for JVM are you using and how much physical memory do you have? Increasing the heap size and physical memory will help performance.

How are you measuring “page” size in a report? We don’t have paging yet. How many data rows are being fetched in the report?


Good luck!


Krishna Venkatraman

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Hello all

I am using Birt2.0M1 to generate the reports .But i found that when the reports are of Big size say around 100 pages the performance is very slow .

It takes around 2-3 minutes to generate the report.can anyone help me out how to improve the performance so that the big reports will get generated in say around 10 secs.


Thanks in advance .


Ashwin Patil