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[birt-news] Can we set DataSource Connection parameters at run time Using Birt API

Hi All

Is it possible in Birt to Set the JDBC connection Parameters at run time Usinb Birt API .As we have to write the datasource details in .rptdesign file while

designing the report as follows:

<property name="odaDriverClass">oracle.jdbc.OracleDriver</property>

<property name="odaURL">jdbc:oracle:thin:@xxxx:1521:aaaa</property>

<property name="odaUser">aaaaa</property>

<encrypted-property name="odaPassword">bbbbbb</encrypted-property>

I Just wanted to know How to set these parameters at run time Programatically using Birt API .I dont want to set them in the .rptdesign xml.

I want to set them while running the report.Is it possible ?If it is possible please let me know?I want to pass the connection details to the BirtEngine at run time .waiting for the Reply.

Thanks in advance .


Ashwin Patil