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[birt-dev] PDE Target definition

Hi all,

I added a pull request in github that adds a PDE target definition file for Eclipse Photon. Using this target definition, I am able to run/debug BIRT from inside Eclipse.

It took me several days (!) to create this target definition because it was very hard to find out what Eclipse features BIRT currently depends on (and what these features depend on etc.). How did you guys solve this problem?

I see another problem regarding the target definition: The target platform definitions of the maven build (using tycho) and the definition used by PDE have to be kept in sync in order to be able to build BIRT with maven and at the same time debug it with PDE. What do you do to keep them in sync? It is also possible to let tycho use a PDE target definition file for the maven build. This might be a solution to the synchronization problem. We would then only maintain the PDE target definition file and tycho picks all the changes up automatically. What do you say to this idea?

Best regards