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RE: [birt-dev] Scripted Data Source (Java Object as Event Handler) How-to

Hi there Johnny,

For development within the designer, it is best to jar up all your ajava
handlers and place the jar in your resources folder.

For deployment, it needs to be in the WEB-INF/classes/ folder along with
all your other engine related classes, platform plugins etc.


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I have the following event handler:


public class ScriptedDataSetEventHandler extends


    private int currentCount;

    public boolean fetch(IDataSetInstance dataSet, IUpdatableDataSetRow

        if (currentCount++ < 11) {

            try {
                row.setColumnValue("cnt", currentCount);
            } catch (ScriptException e) {

            return true;


        return false;


    public void open(IDataSetInstance dataSet) {;


and my question is: where must I put this class so that BIRT can see it
both at development and deployment time?

Thank you for your attention,


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