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Re: [birt-dev] Scripted Data Source (Java Object as Event Handler) How-to


This is technically a mailer for the developers of BIRT.  Since this is a relatively common question, I have answered it on the wiki.

You can find it here:  Java Event Handlers FAQ

Scott Rosenbaum

Johnnie wrote:

I have the following event handler:


public class ScriptedDataSetEventHandler extends ScriptedDataSetEventAdapter


    private int currentCount;

    public boolean fetch(IDataSetInstance dataSet, IUpdatableDataSetRow row)

        if (currentCount++ < 11) {

            try {
                row.setColumnValue("cnt", currentCount);
            } catch (ScriptException e) {

            return true;


        return false;


    public void open(IDataSetInstance dataSet) {;


and my question is: where must I put this class so that BIRT can see it -
both at development and deployment time?

Thank you for your attention,



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