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Re: [birt-dev] BIRT CVS Commit notifications ( was Re: birt-cvs-commitlist )

Thanks  for the response.

Jane Tatchell wrote:

The checkin notices to the birt-cvs-commit list are very verbose, and
there are often many notices for a single checkin of code. While useful
to someone who wants every last drop of information about what's going on
Just to clarify, birt-cvs-commit does not send mail for every file change, but yes there can be more than one mail per checkin depending on the size of the diff.

E.g. For one of my patches that I contributed that Yu Liang committed, there is only one mail sent to birt-cvs-commit. The starting part of that mail looks like this: Update of /cvsroot/birt/source/ In directory node1:/tmp/cvs-serv17456/src/org/eclipse/birt/report/engine/api/impl

Modified Files:
Log Message:
Fix the bugzilla bug 178164.

Is it not extra work for every committer to send out the checkin notices to birt-dev?

Looking at the subject of checkin messages in the last few months, I see these different ways were used:
Check in:

Thus, there is inconsistency in the checkin messages that come to birt-dev with respect to the subject. This issue is not there with the birt-cvs-commit. For those not interested in birt-cvs-commit messages, they need not subscribe to the list or if they did, they can filter it easily to another folder.

For those interested only in the high level detail of the checkin, they can look at the beginning part of the mail that comes to birt-cvs-commit. It looks like, as long as the concise high level notes are part of the log message in the checkin, this info will also be at the start of the birt-cvs-commit mail. E.g. see checkin mail from committer ychen for bugzilla 177997 on date:03/20, 1.06 am (pst).

With the birt-cvs-commit list, I can think of some improvements possible for e.g - just provide the link for the changes for each file in a mail, thus for all or most cases, only one mail will be sent per checkin)., but as it is currently, it does provide all the info as the high level checkin notices that are currently sent to birt-dev.
the higher level checkin notices that get posted to the birt-dev
list are more useful to those who are not committers,
just project users
or developers on other areas of the project.

I am curious to know why would a user be interested in the birt-dev checkin messages?

The birt website says the following: <quote>birt newsgroup: Notifications to BIRT users about BIRT milestone and stable builds and other noteworthy information.
BIRT also provides mailing lists for developers contributing to BIRT:
birt-dev <>(archive <>) Development discussions about BIRT of interest to all BIRT committers......
...... and other lists.

I'd imagine that users are on newsgroup and bugzilla to watch for the bugs they are interested in having fixed. For any information that a user might be interested in, it seems like a better place would be to put it in bugzilla instead of a checkin mail in birt-dev.

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