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[birt-dev] BIRT CVS Commit notifications ( was Re: birt-cvs-commit list )

Eclipse already provides this functionality of cvs commit notifications with diffs.

I subscribed to
and I am getting checkin messages with the diffs for the checkin.   :)

So now that this is already available, it seems like the checkin messages to birt-dev may not be necessary as this info is automatically captured in the birt-cvs-commit list.



ps: I sent this mail last night, with the attachment of how the checkin mail looks like, but it didnt make it to the archives so sending without the attachment.

Sunitha Kambhampati wrote:

As I was googling for 'birt cvs', I came across this link.

Clicking on the archives gives me a file not found error.

Is this a valid mailing list or is this info outdated ?


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